Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chocolate dreams

I had a weird dream, it was about Super Mario bros and chocolate. Beautifully packed milk chocolate is my weakness, I just can't help wanting to have a small bite from all of them. In my dream I was jumping from a chocolate bar to another trying to save the princess Peach, in my dream her name was Truffle. This is how it went.

Here's some pretty packages!

 1. Chocolate packaging designed by Sissi Edholm & Lisa Ullenius, Sweden, 2. Chocolate by Mast Brothers, US. 3. Hush chocolate, package by Laura Alejo,  4. Unknown Valentine's day chocolate

5. Chocolate by Mail, design by Fernando Medina, 6. Russian Алёнка chocolate, the package always has the same symbol; the girl in a mottled kerchief, launched 1966, 7. Kitzbuhler Horn chocolate by confiserie Manfred Wiegand, Austria, 8. Meiji Rick Strawberry chocolate, I wonder how pink the package would be... 9. German Stollwerk chocolate package from 1890.

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