Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chocolate dreams

I had a weird dream, it was about Super Mario bros and chocolate. Beautifully packed milk chocolate is my weakness, I just can't help wanting to have a small bite from all of them. In my dream I was jumping from a chocolate bar to another trying to save the princess Peach, in my dream her name was Truffle. This is how it went.

Here's some pretty packages!

 1. Chocolate packaging designed by Sissi Edholm & Lisa Ullenius, Sweden, 2. Chocolate by Mast Brothers, US. 3. Hush chocolate, package by Laura Alejo,  4. Unknown Valentine's day chocolate

5. Chocolate by Mail, design by Fernando Medina, 6. Russian Алёнка chocolate, the package always has the same symbol; the girl in a mottled kerchief, launched 1966, 7. Kitzbuhler Horn chocolate by confiserie Manfred Wiegand, Austria, 8. Meiji Rick Strawberry chocolate, I wonder how pink the package would be... 9. German Stollwerk chocolate package from 1890.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paper, Scissors, Hammer

Today was the best day to stay inside, and do some paper crafts. It's been rainy and gloomy, all snow is melting and streets are covered in ice. So I took my tools and started crafting.
Since Mr. Strong is almost 1,95cm tall, I decided to make a real size figure of myself. It's whole 65cm tall, but I'd rather call it cute than short. The figure is made of thick cardboard, and it's put together with love.

 Cutting and gluing, taking Molla home wrapped in plastic, we're sitting on a bus.

Molla at home!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Molla does Nomi!

Now when Mr. Strong is travelling in Balkan, I can do some experiments. I've been crafting things with my hands as long as I can remember, being a designer came naturally to me. But who knows if it's really my calling, I could be something else. I could be like Klaus Nomi, brought up to this day.

Klaus Nomi was a German born stage person, born in 1944. He was really an amazing character, way ahead of his time. He sang avant-garde New Wave opera, dressed up in futuristic clothes, and had a face like a comic character. Several fashion designers have been influenced by his style, he was one of real icons of 80s New York. When I first saw his video Lightnin' Strikes, I didn't know how to react. He was weird, funny and a mix of different subcultures in a same time. I had to watch documents and learn more about him,  so I could know how to Nomi.

More about Klaus Nomi here!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Going Home

On saturday morning Mr. Strong called a cab, he was about to take me to Sofia airport. My vacation in Bulgaria was in its end, I had to leave back home. Mr. Strong would follow me in few weeks, he had some unfinished business to do.
We arrived to airport exactly 1.15pm. I had booked another kind of flight, that would leave in fifteen minutes, so we said quick goodbyes, and then I had hurry to catch my balloon!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Street signs

It's so funny trying to guess what these local street signs say, I always spell cyrillic letters wrong. Mr. Strong knows the language like he's been talking it for his whole life, he's having fun while I spell the words aloud. Some day I will surprise him, and say something smart in this language.

This sign we located in Utrech last summer. The ones after this are from Sofia and Varna.

These street sign-photos got me so inspired, they're made by amazing british photographer Tim Walker. More about Tim Walker on his website and here!

Monday, January 03, 2011


So nice to start a new year again! We have so much work to do with Mr. Strong, I don't even know where to begin. My vacation here in Bulgaria is soon ending, work and studies are waiting me back home. I have to admit I'd rather continue the hunt with Mr. Strong here, it's been so nice to see the country again, and meet all the nice people here.
Here's some new photos we've taken in Sofia and Varna. And of course, best wishes for New Year!

 Molla Cattie, original design from Soviet times' candy paper.

Tiny red sewing machine, shop window decoration. Skeleton window decoration, Farenah. Just Shoes- light ad. Some nice looking poster.

My favourite floor in a shoe shop, Sofia. The oldest Happy- fast food restaurant in Varna, awesome blinds! Striped service car and a garage door, Varna.