Thursday, December 30, 2010

Molla & Postcard

We've been searching for nice postcards to send to my family, but all shops had the same cards that I sent last time we were here. After a long day of roaming around and eating a few cheesecakes, we bumped into this studio, that makes postcards from your own photos. Now when I have the traditional bulgarian costume, I thought to make paper doll cards.

 Pretty old buildings in Varna.

Street art by Фарс и маус. Info and more photos here!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Holiday Time!

This year we celebrate Holiday Time together with Mr. Strong. We went to near forest in the middle of the night, and cut nice looking christmas tree. For dinner we wanted to hunt a rabbit, but we found something more delicious, a reindeer.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In a local restaurant...

Some restaurants here in Sofia have menus in english. I thought to try something new and order in bulgarian, the dish was called пилешка супа. -"Delicious", said the waitress and smiled. I had to believe, though in the corner of my eye I saw her winking to Mr. Strong.
Well, I waited for some 45 minutes, got my dish, and there it was. A bowl full of chicken hearts, local delicacy. Next thing I remember was lying in a ladies' room floor.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A small mistake

Few days ago we went walking downtown Sofia with Mr. Strong, when I saw this poster. It was about russian children's character called Cheburashka. I got so inspired, it's a Cheburashka costume party!

The history of Bulgaria is still a bit unknown to me, but I realized the poster was about the exhibition, which again was about soviet socialist times in Bulgaria, seen through the eyes of youngsters of those times. I think I need to learn this language, but at least I have a Cheburashka costume for cold winter days!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

On the way to Sofia

- Mr. Strong! Oh, you never guess what happened to me! I'm so late for our meeting, but I had to make an emergency landing to Romania. My plane made funny sounds, then it suddenly started losing the height, and I had to land somewhere. I was only few hours from the border of Bulgaria, when I had to crash my plane to Transilvania mountains.

It was snow everywhere, all I could see were mountains and darkness. I left my plane, started walking and searching for something alive from freezing Transilvania. I came to a castle...

... knocked on the door, and before I even realized something bit me on my neck.

Then I woke up.

- And that's how it happened. But now I'm here, so we can start roaming around Sofia.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


- Mr. Strong, look!! The parachute fits to my colors so well! Am I badly late? Something happened to my engine, I had to leave my plane. See you sooooooooon!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Going abroad!

After a long month full of work, we decided to take a small vacation with Mr. Strong. Here I am, at the Helsinki airport, going to Bulgaria. It's in south Europe, so it must be a warm place. I will report more when I get there. Mr. Strong didn't dare to step on my plane, so we will meet in Sofia tomorrow.
I hope my navigator knows how to avoid snow clouds. Au Revoir!!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Cherry Café

It was last saturday. I had lost my sense of time, when Mr. Strong suddenly showed up to my door. I didn't know what time it was. For last days I've been sitting in my room sewing, crochetting and stitching. My fingers hurt, but I had to finish everything for Ofelia. It's already this weekend.
Mr. Strong took me out to get some fresh air, he had some nice place in his mind. I was looking like I need a huge cherry pie, he told. My eyebags were so big I could have rent them as sleeping bags for someone. Well, we found the place, went inside, and I have to say it was the biggest cherry pie I've ever seen. Mr. Strong was so thoughtful and kind to take me here, even when he must've been busy too. He took whiskey, and disappeared.

This is what I've been making for Ofelia market. So cute tasty necessities; rings, brooches, notebooks and all. There's a few pieces of each of these, but I already took one of the spoon rings to use. My favourite is the apple container, there's quite a lot of space inside to hide your treasures.


Thursday, November 25, 2010


It's not my favourite sport, walking in a snow. A while ago, when I went to Mr. Strong's office, I was walking my eyes almost closed, as usually. Suddenly a warm yellow light from some pretty looking building hit my eyes, and I stopped. The house was bright red, like no other building in the city, it was calling the passers-by to walk in. I went closer, took a peek from a keyhole, and what I saw, Ofelia! The most adorable winter market of the whole year, right there inside! It says it would open on December, so I still have to wait. Actually, I booked my own table, and will be in Ofelia on sunday 12th selling my red apples.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ring Ring, Ring Ring

Mr. Strong; -Yes?
Molla; - Hello Mr. Strong, it's Molla calling. I'm back in Helsinki.
Mr. Strong; - Well, hello little miss Mills. So you got back home safely? Thanks for the photos, very interesting place indeed, that St Petersburg.
Molla; - It's amazing place. Sadly I was in a hurry all the time, no time to relax, just work.
Mr. Strong; - Really? That's a shame, a busy girl like you also needs time to relax, and dance. You didn't even visit the night club in the M/S Princess Maria? That was the name of the boat, right?
Molla; -Umm, yes yes, the boat. I really had to work hard, all these christmas markets coming... You know. I was just sitting in my cabin and crochetting.
Mr. Strong; - I see. Well, now when you're back, drop by in my office. I've got some new information.
Molla; - Alright, Strong. See you in the morning.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

From St Petersburg with kisses

Dear Mr. Strong.

Greetings from Russia! Here's some photos I've taken in past two days. The city of St Petersburg is incredible, I've never seen so many beautiful old palaces in a same place. The river Neva is splitting the city, I'm staying in a hotel in Vasilievsky Island, in the other side of the river is the Winter Palace. I saw it only outside, I heard it takes a few days to see all the art and culture there is inside.

I'm so glad that you taught me cyrillic alphabets, it's a lot easier to spell the streetnames here. This cute shop for accessories was found near Большой проспект, look at the keyholes in the window! There's so many places in the city where I could set up my shop too, but I'm not sure if my things would sell here in Russia. We have to make more reseach on that. 


Sunday, November 14, 2010


Molla; -Mr. Strong, I'll start my hunt from Russia and go to St. Petersburg for a few days. I know how to say thank you in russian, so I shouldn't get into troubles. I hope to find a lot of inspiration from there, but at least I get to see the Winter Palace. I will pack my computer so that I can send you my notes and photos. See you next week, I hope you also have something new to tell me when I'm back!

Come on, Lilly! The boat is waiting!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Adventures begin!

Molla; -Mr. Strong. I'm not gonna leave before you promise to help me! I want to develop my trademark and make it a profitable business. I have a lot of talent, you must believe me.
Strong; -Well miss, you must be the smallest client I've ever met! I'm pretty sure your problems ain't much bigger than you yourself.
Molla; - It IS a big thing, for me! But I wouldn't call it a problem, it's more like a mission.
Strong; - Aha. A mission...
Molla; -Yes. You see, Mr. Strong, I have the keyhole, but I don't have the key. You have to help me to find it.
Strong; - Hmm... well. Alright. Let's see what I can do about it. You must keep in your mind that it's raw world out there, your kind of tiny little girl might get eaten.
Molla; - Oh, Mr. Strong! You are the greatest detective in the whole 9th floor of this office building! I have so much ideas, I can't wait to start!