Thursday, November 18, 2010

From St Petersburg with kisses

Dear Mr. Strong.

Greetings from Russia! Here's some photos I've taken in past two days. The city of St Petersburg is incredible, I've never seen so many beautiful old palaces in a same place. The river Neva is splitting the city, I'm staying in a hotel in Vasilievsky Island, in the other side of the river is the Winter Palace. I saw it only outside, I heard it takes a few days to see all the art and culture there is inside.

I'm so glad that you taught me cyrillic alphabets, it's a lot easier to spell the streetnames here. This cute shop for accessories was found near Большой проспект, look at the keyholes in the window! There's so many places in the city where I could set up my shop too, but I'm not sure if my things would sell here in Russia. We have to make more reseach on that. 


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