Monday, November 22, 2010

Ring Ring, Ring Ring

Mr. Strong; -Yes?
Molla; - Hello Mr. Strong, it's Molla calling. I'm back in Helsinki.
Mr. Strong; - Well, hello little miss Mills. So you got back home safely? Thanks for the photos, very interesting place indeed, that St Petersburg.
Molla; - It's amazing place. Sadly I was in a hurry all the time, no time to relax, just work.
Mr. Strong; - Really? That's a shame, a busy girl like you also needs time to relax, and dance. You didn't even visit the night club in the M/S Princess Maria? That was the name of the boat, right?
Molla; -Umm, yes yes, the boat. I really had to work hard, all these christmas markets coming... You know. I was just sitting in my cabin and crochetting.
Mr. Strong; - I see. Well, now when you're back, drop by in my office. I've got some new information.
Molla; - Alright, Strong. See you in the morning.

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