Monday, December 06, 2010

Cherry Café

It was last saturday. I had lost my sense of time, when Mr. Strong suddenly showed up to my door. I didn't know what time it was. For last days I've been sitting in my room sewing, crochetting and stitching. My fingers hurt, but I had to finish everything for Ofelia. It's already this weekend.
Mr. Strong took me out to get some fresh air, he had some nice place in his mind. I was looking like I need a huge cherry pie, he told. My eyebags were so big I could have rent them as sleeping bags for someone. Well, we found the place, went inside, and I have to say it was the biggest cherry pie I've ever seen. Mr. Strong was so thoughtful and kind to take me here, even when he must've been busy too. He took whiskey, and disappeared.

This is what I've been making for Ofelia market. So cute tasty necessities; rings, brooches, notebooks and all. There's a few pieces of each of these, but I already took one of the spoon rings to use. My favourite is the apple container, there's quite a lot of space inside to hide your treasures.


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