Friday, January 14, 2011

Molla does Nomi!

Now when Mr. Strong is travelling in Balkan, I can do some experiments. I've been crafting things with my hands as long as I can remember, being a designer came naturally to me. But who knows if it's really my calling, I could be something else. I could be like Klaus Nomi, brought up to this day.

Klaus Nomi was a German born stage person, born in 1944. He was really an amazing character, way ahead of his time. He sang avant-garde New Wave opera, dressed up in futuristic clothes, and had a face like a comic character. Several fashion designers have been influenced by his style, he was one of real icons of 80s New York. When I first saw his video Lightnin' Strikes, I didn't know how to react. He was weird, funny and a mix of different subcultures in a same time. I had to watch documents and learn more about him,  so I could know how to Nomi.

More about Klaus Nomi here!

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