Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Heart

For Valentine's Day we were planning on going to Lemmenjoki to Lapland with Mr. Strong. Lemmenjoki is a national park in north Finland, and goes on all the way to Norway. It's one of the biggest uninhabited forest wilderness areas in Europe, the name means Tender Love River. Today's weather forecast said it's -30 degrees there up north, so we decided to stay home and eat heart shaped cookies.

I wish lovely Valentine's Day to all friends!

Adorable heart shaped things and tattoos.
1. Love-brooch from Hetty and Dave, 2. Tattoo by Nowhere Fast, 3. Rusty wire heart by Gunhild & Svenning, 4. Lovely heart tattoo by unknown artist, 5. Heart bag by Lipstick Diaries, 6. Cute vintage Valentine's Day card from 1940s, 7. Moschino purse and sunglasses, 8. Moschino pumps.

Heart shaped rocking chair by Moroso.

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