Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seen in София

We've been in Bulgaria again with Mr. Strong, having a holiday full of work. He's been writing dozens of mysterious papers, I have been mostly enjoying local chocolate and crochetting. Oh, how I love crochetting! I wish someday I'd have a collection of custom made hooks made from carbon fibre. By the way, I've got something interesting going on in that field, it has something to do with South Korea. I'll tell you later about that.

Here's some photos we've been taking, what a difference between Helsinki and Sofia! This city is full of colors and small curiosities, and everything is already blooming. City of Sofia is very charming in its own way.

Informative signs seen in София. The Catwoman neon light is my favourite, also the sign of running kids whos hands are glued together was interesting. There's a similar sign warning about horse carriages in the streets!  

Old and new posters, they're everywhere!

Beautiful old postboxes inside an apartment building, red door to a hippie shop, weird looking chimneys, house painted in mint-strawberry ice cream colors, old characters from Soviet times saying Robotics, and gorgeous architecture from the turn of the century.

This ceramic Lego-sculpture was seen in an art school student's exhibition in Национална Галерия за Чуждестранни Изкуства (Museum of Foreign Art). It's made by bulgarian artist Красен Троански. Me and Mr. Strong made the conclusion, that the idea behind this was to represent the reality of growing up in Bulgaria. I don't know anything about it, but I guess I have to agree.

In the Priest Garden I decided to have a little monologue. The place is an abandoned outdoor theatre from 1910. It haven't been used in decades anymore, what a waste of beauty!


  1. It is amazing how even Sofia can sometimes look beatifull...

  2. Yes, it's nice to see a foreigner to like Sofia and to see so many small charming details :). For us - the people who live in it, it is sometimes depesrate, crowded and totally destroyed... The last picture - I am not sure that this open summer cinema is so old. I remember the times when alternative music concerts were held there. Is was somewhere in the mid 90s, they were fascinating...