Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunaga Design

A while ago, when I was sitting in a shop window at my work and crochetting, a japanese couple saw me and came to ask what I was doing. -"Crochetted handbags from a very thick cotton yarn", I told. They were owners of Sunaga Design, a design shop in Nagano, and they were looking for new scandinavian designers. We changed emails, and after a short while I got my first order; grey and black handbags.
The small kodomo there in the photo is my little niece Emili. She is half japanese, and the most cutest thing ever. Some day I hope she'll teach me Japanese, but firstly she has to learn it herself. I'll can then teach her how to crochet.

 Here's the bags I made. Simple and practical, and can last quite a lot of weight. The tag is a small origami made from a cotton ribbon.

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  1. This is the cutest blog i´ve ever seen! It always makes me smile =D! Kiitos Siukku <3